Simplified payment solutions
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PayUbiz enables businesses to accept and manage payments online
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“We breathe technology”
We constantly solve very hard behind the scenes product and operational problems so that our users
can continue to focus on building great products
Best Conversion Rates

Dynamic switching, intelligent retry, mobile browser and many more cutting edge features to increase your conversion rates by over 12%

World of Payment Options

Accept all payment modes including 45+ Net-banking, 8+ bank EMI's, 6 Wallets, Amex, Rupay, International Cards and more.

Intuitive Integration

Whether you build an app, a marketplace or an online store; PayuBiz’ API’s & SDK facilitate smooth and easy integration.

Introducing OneTap™ Payment

The inevitable future – Payments the way it should be
Store Card Vault
White labelled vault to store your customer’s card data. Your customers, your data. Simple APIs.
CVV-Less Transaction
A major technological breakthrough allowing repeat users to never input their CVV again.
PCI-DSS Compliant
Completely PCI DSS compliant solution. No need to worry about security!
Custom Mobile Browser
Responsible for Auto OTP generation by selecting the OTP option on all leading bank pages.
Auto OTP read
We read and submit OTP on behalf of the user, no need to fiddle between apps.
Magic Retry
A simple retry button preventing all drops related to network issues.
You would have seen us here already
More than 80 of the top 100 E-commerce companies in India prefer to use PayUbiz for their payments.